• Restore natural drainage
  • Increase porosity
  • Re-aggregate dispersed soil
  • Help stop erosion
  • Restore the soil's physical state, which helps balance soil chemistry
  • Reduce or eliminate damage claims
  • Reduce remediation costs by as much as 80% when compared to dig and haul

BRINE-AID is specifically formulated for in-situ remediation of sodium damaged soil.

NO other product will outperform BRINE-AID™ when following manufacturer's site-specific recommendations.


This specifically formulated liquid calcium has been successful in reclaiming sodium-damaged soil in the oilfield for years, regardless of the age or amount of contamination.

 This is proven technology that cannot be disputed.

When applied immediately after a spill or release of salt-water, it has been  very effective in preventing timber and vegetation loss.

BRINE-AID is easily applied using vacuum trucks, small spray tanks, above-ground irrigation systems or injection equipment.  This product will be effective regardless of application method.  The size of the site, the topography and the logistics will determine the best application method.



For remediation of older sites, the amount of BRINE-AID required is based on the depth and severity of the contamination.  The chart above is only a guideline but has been very accurate in most cases. The amounts shown are for the recovery of the upper two feet of soil, depending on soil type.

Necessary data required for remediating older sites:

  • Age of initial contamination
  • Soil analyticals
  • Soil type and depth of contamination
  • Site topography
  • Depth of water table

For fresh spills, generally 10 drums per acre are sufficient to prevent major timber and vegetation loss.

Whether remediating old damage or fresh spills, the dilution ratio is 1 part BRINE-AID to 20 parts water (fresh water, pond water, irrigation water or ditch water).

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If there's anything I love, it's restoring sodium-damaged soil to its original, undamaged state.  I started in this industry in the early 90's, when I was General Manager and head of sales for Joe DeLuca of DeLuca Services in Galveston, Texas. During those early years, I remediated countless sites for companies such as Amoco, Chevron, Phillips Petroleum, Anadarko, Unocal, Texaco and Noble, to name just a few, and it's been my passion ever since. 

In-situ remediation often includes not only sodium-damaged soil, but also hydrocarbon contamination, and I have surrounded myself with the most knowledgeable people and the finest products on the market today to address both issues.

I am 100% committed to each and every job, from start to finish.  My philosophy is, "If you're not happy, then my job isn't complete."  DCC Solutions is all about making a difference.